July fishing report – Baker Lake Sockeye, Skagit River, Marine Area 7 and Crabbing

Whatcom/Skagit July 2012 Fishing Report

Summer is here and with it comes new fishing opportunities. The most interesting of those has been the Skagit River and Baker Lake sockeye fishery. The Skagit River sockeye season which opened on June 16 and closes on July 15 has been moderately successful. The biggest issue is that the river has been running at near flood stage during practically the entire season. Anglers have had success but water conditions continue to make it a challenge. The sockeye are travelling near the bank on the shallow side which would generally be the river bar side if the river was low enough to be showing any bars. These conditions have given shore fishermen as good an opportunity as those with boats. The fish have been traveling practically under a shore fisherman’s feet with few exceptions….continue reading

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Baker Lake Sockeye 2012 Resources

The lower Skagit River sockeye season is in full swing, with mixed reports of success coming in. Generally, it sounds like it is a slower fishery with more fish being caught by bank bound anglers than boaters. This most likely has to do with the fact that the fish tend to move close in to shore, and boaters generally are targeting areas farther out.
The Baker lake sockeye fishery is slated to open July 1st, but don’t expect to head up there until there are several thousand fish in the lake. As of the writing of this (June 28th) there have only been a couple hundred fish transported into the lake.
In the Skagit river, standard plunking gear seems to be king with winged bobbers (spin-n-glow) and sandshrimp as the bait of choice.
Skagit and Baker lake Sockeye Resources:

Baker lake closing to Sockeye salmon fishing on Sept. 12th

Well, it looks like another successful Baker lake sockeye salmon fishing season is almost in the books.  This closure shouldn’t really matter much, since the fish that are still in the lake are darkened up and ready for spawning.

We heard lots of good Baker lake sockeye fishing reports from the forum this year.

Baker lake is closing to Sockeye salmon retention on September 12th.

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Whatcom & Skagit Fishing Report: August 19th 2011



There are so many fishing opportunities in the local area that it becomes difficult to choose which one to try. First, the Nooksack River is reported to be picking up for pinks “Humpies“ in the last week. Good reports of catches are coming from the Ferndale area with fishers either drifting Wicked Willys and Dick Nites or plunking pink or nickel/green Spin ‘n Glos. Remember that bait is not allowed on the Nooksack and that it is only open to pinks from the mouth to the bridge at Everson.

Meanwhile the Skagit River has been good for humpies, but not as good as it will be in early September. So don’t be discouraged by early inconsistent catches because the catch rate will increase in the coming weeks. Plunking #4 Spin ’n Glos, with some pink on them with sand shrimp or cured coon shrimp have provided the most consistent success. However, if you are at the right place when a school moves through, pink spoons and jigs have been working well too.

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Mid July fishing report: Baker lake, Nooksack, Fraser, Area 7 and more.


July 20, 2011



Baker Lake will open to sockeye fishing on Saturday, July 20 according to a official Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife news release.

The daily limit is 3 fish over 18 inches per angler. Fish under 18 inches are considered kokanee in the creel count. This is the second consecutive year that anglers will be given the opportunity catch sockeye at Baker and is the culmination of a successful program by the WDFW in transporting fish above Baker Dam to the lake. Last year one of the most successful methods included using a small pink squid rigged 9 to 12 inches behind a Chrome size 0 flasher trolled very slowly at a depth of approximately 40 feet. Some success was also experienced using….continue.

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Baker Lake Opens to Sockeye Fishing 2011

It’s official; Baker Lake Sockeye season is on! Baker lake will open to sockeye salmon fishing on Saturday, July 23rd. Daily limit is 3 adult sockeye over 18 inches in length.  Anything under 18 inches is considered kokanee and is subject to kokanee rules.

Check out the resources listed on our previous Baker lake sockeye post as well as this forum thread from last year for tactics and techniques.

Check out the opening details on the WDFW news release. https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/erule.jsp?id=1073

Baker Lake Sockeye fishing resources

The Baker Lake Sockeye fishery is one that is being looked forward to by a great many anglers this year.  2010 produced good  numbers of fish, and 2011 is predicted to be even better.

In the spirit of getting ready for the season, we have compiled a couple of resources that might help with planning for this years sockeye season up on Baker lake.

First, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a page dedicated to Baker River Sockeye Salmon (which then get turned loose in Baker Lake).  The page has updated trap reports and shows the number of fish that are transferred up to the lake.  As of June 28, 2011 there were 438 Sockeye trapped and 58 fish transferred up to Baker lake.

Link to WDFW Baker River Sockeye page.

Another good resource is the Forest Service page dedicated to the Baker Lake Sockeye fishery. Check this page for boat launch information, a map showing launches, parking information (it gets crowded up there and parking can be a problem).

Check out the Forest Service page on Baker Lake Sockeye for more information.