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« on: July 07, 2017, 01:32:38 PM »
Just curious if anyone has anything positive to say about the Skagit?  At 83 years old I have seen that fabulous river go from it's hayday to today.  I can recall when Ira Yeager was guiding fishermen and fish were abundant.  Sure the logging as well as other factors have come into play but there was a time when salmon were running you had to get used the stench so you could stand to fish.  Now you rarely see a dead fish.  I know things change and we have had a negative effect on fish as a whole but there is one factor that I feel is the most damaging - Yes, netting the rivers with modern fishing techniques.  I don't begrudge the Indians there rights but I do feel the main cause of the Skagit dying is from netting.  Many years back I launched at the campground on Fir Island during the chum run.  Thought I would go to the mouth and do some flyfishing for them.  Before I got to the first bend in the river I was confronted with Indian nets across the river.  I was in my jet so moved over to the open bank which turned out to be only about 15 feet from the end of the net and almost ran aground getting by.  Then a second net was positioned from the opposite bank and only about 15 to the most 20 feet apart.  Again it crossed to almost a foot or so of water next to the bank.  Needless to say there were no fish getting upstream at that time.;  I know they claim to be conservationist but this is the same conservatism that wiped out the elk herds years back.  My fishing time is limited but if you want fishing in the future you need to band together and work to save your sport.


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Re: Skagit
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Well said cloudy.  I'm on the same page.

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Re: Skagit
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