Basic Fishing Techniques

Here you'll find articles and fishing techniques information for many different kinds of fishing techniques as well as photos and overviews of the different species of fish that you will find in Northwest Washington, Whatcom County, Skagit County, and Puget Sound waters. From warm water bass fishing to winter steelhead fishing, the techniques and tips listed on this page will help you on your way.

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Rigging for Fly Fishing
cascades fly fishingTerminal tackle is a term more frequently used in the conventional fishing world; however, in my mind, it applies to any component in your fly fishing rigging that could fail, i.e. – the knots, the leader material and the fly. This article focuses on fly lines, leaders, knots, and more.

Bobber and Worm Fishing for Bluegill
Texas style 7" power wormBluegills are a perfect target for fisher people who want something that’s easy to catch, but still tasty if you choose to keep a few for the pan (hence the term panfish).

Spinner and Spoon Fishing for Salmon
Nooksack river cohoAn article on how to fish for salmon and steelhead using spinners and spoons. Hardware, like Mepps Spinners and spoons can be a very productive method for catching salmon and steelhead.

Sandshrimp Rig; Plunking for salmon
Plunking for salmonPlunking for salmon is a popular method for bank fishermen and women. Usually plunking uses bait such as sandshrimp or eggs.

Float Fishing with Jigs, Pink Steelhead worms, Eggs and more.
Pink Steelhead JigFloat fishing for salmon and steelhead is popular due to its effectiveness and versatility. This rig can be fished using jigs, pink worms, or bait such as eggs or sandshrimp.

Bass fishing Worm Rig
Texas style 7" power wormThis popular rig can be used with curly tail plastic worms, Senkos, salamanders, frogs, and more and is a very productive method for catching bass in all situations.

Drift Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead
Drift fishing for salmon and steelheadDrift fishing for salmon and steelhead often entails the use of floating corkies, bait, and yarn. Often times salmon find this rig irresistible.s

How to Catch and Release
Searun Cutthroat trout fly fishing Skagit river washingtonCatch and release fishing is an important aspect of fishing.  Oftentimes, fish are inadvertently caught that must be released and if not done correctly, the fish may not survive to reproduce.

Trout Fishing Techniques
Squalicum lake cutthroat troutTrout fishing is a favorite pastime for many anglers. This article touches on many of the basics of trout fishing.

Knots - Good link to

Popular Pacific Northwest Game Fish

Pacific Salmon and Steelhead

  Chinook (King) Salmon                  

  Chum (Dog) Salmon

 Pink (Humpy) Salmon          
 Silver (Coho) Salmon   

Sockeye Salmon

Steelhead (Searun Rainbow Trout)

Salmon Identification WDFW Link
King Salmon Click Here to link to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Salmon Identification chart.


 Rainbow Trout       

Cutthroat Trout

Brook Trout

 Brown Trout

Tiger Trout

Photo Credit: Matt Tyree

Warm Water Species

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass



Yellow Perch